Can you give me a quick summary of how pre-order works?

Of course! 

A pre-order item will be put up in our store for a limited time. During the pre-order duration, you can purchase the item to join the pre-order. We need to reach a certain number of preorders to produce the item. If the quota is reached, once the pre-order duration is over, the item will start production. If in a case where the quota is not fulfilled, the item will not be produced and all preorders will be refunded in full.


Can I ask you for updates on the progress of my pre-order?

We will give out consistent updates on the status of the preorder on our website as well as social media and discord channel. Do join and follow us there!


Can I cancel my pre-order and receive a refund?

You may cancel the preorder up to a week or 7 days before the pre-order duration is over. We will give a full refund when you do.


Can I return the product that I pre-ordered once I receive it?

We do not allow product returns unless for the following reason :

<> Defective: broken or not similar to the photos we provided. Must provide a video of opening the parcel for returns to be possible.


Is it possible for a pre-order to run out of stock?

No, as long as you pre-order within the time limit.


How long will the pre-order be open?

It will be open for 30 days.


If a pre-order is over, when will you offer the next pre-order?

We may or may not open another preorder of the same product twice. 


Will a pre-order become stock merchandise?

As of right now, we have no plan of making preorder items into stock merchandise.

Feel free to contact us at for any further questions.