Do you want to work on a game project? Do you have passion for indie games and you love game design? Check out our job vacancy! We are looking for a Game Designer. Send your CV to our email:


  1. Passion for video games.
  2. Understand the concept of game design.
  3. Able to communicate ideas clearly.
  4. Technical knowledge in game development.
  5. Good communication skill, time management, and leadership
  6. Proficiency in English (speaking, writing, reading)
  7. Willing to work full time at our studio in Tangerang, Indonesia. May work from home during the pandemic
  8. Strong drive to learn and have a good personality.
  9. Able to work in a team environment.


  1. Design an innovative and fun game.
  2. Analyze and balance all variables in the game.
  3. Design, implement, do scripting and iteration, testing, etc.
  4. Monitor and consult on the creative side (art and design) and technical side (programming) of a game project.
  5. Place themselves as players and provide insight and explain the game experience as players