TOGE PRODUCTIONS is an Indonesian based independent game development and publishing studio.

We’re best known for games such as Infectonator, Relic of War, Days 2 Die, Necronator.

Toge is an Indonesian word that means “bean sprout”. Here in Toge Productions, we believe that great accomplishments can start from small & simple beginnings, just like bean sprouts. Not only that, bean sprouts grow fast and quick to adapt too.

Humble Beginnings

In 2009, games development is both unknown and alien in Indonesia. At that time, Kris Antoni started making Flash games with a friend to earn some pocket money. Soon, they created a small game called Infectonator and it becomes a huge hit. What started as a hobby making Flash games soon evolved into something more serious for a couple of fresh grads in their bedrooms.

Game Development

Since 2009, we’ve created tons of games across multiple genres, from web games to mobile games to desktop games. We are always experimenting with new game ideas and finding new ways to have fun!

Game Publishing

As an indie game studio we’ve experienced the difficulties and hardships of creating, selling, and distributing games ourselves for years, we know how tough it can be, especially in Indonesia. With our knowledge and resources, we try to help other indie game developers in the region by creating gathering events and encouraging collaborations. And in 2017, our indie publishing was born. We would take care of the marketing, business, showcases, distribution, and provide consultation so that the original developers could just focus on the game design & code.

Team Members