It’s time for you to blow the biggest campaign and win the election for yourself. Don’t just stop there! Sabotage your opponent’s campaign and NOT just win but DOMINATE your opponent!

This is Circus Politicus, a new board game by people who don’t understand politics yet like to make FUN of it. For up to 4 players, 1v1 or 2v2! Choose your political performers, use promises to get votes, execute political maneuvers, and win your political agenda! 

8 Candidate Cards
12 Manuver Cards
40 Promise Cards
18 Voter Cards
1 Rule book


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Q: According to the rule book and video, Maneuver cards with two players icon is only played during 1vs1 session instead of 2vs2 session, why is that?

A: The game is best played with four players. So, the default state of the game is 2vs2, hence the non-default player combination is marked with the icon.

Q: Can I play the game with any maneuver cards without following the rules stated by the icon?

A: It won’t be recommended because the cards distribution has been balanced accordingly to cater to each number of players variations.

Q: Do I need to shuffle the draw pile after using the Treachery maneuver card?

A: Yes, it is mandatory to shuffle the draw pile after using the maneuver.

Q: Some candidates landslide victory condition is about having more “Straight” or “Flush”, does Straight Flush fits those conditions?

A: Yes, Straight Flush counts as both Straight and/or Flush.

Q: Is there any restrictions where I can put enemy card when using Scandal maneuver card?

A: You can put the card you choose anywhere as long the voter in their zone still have slot to fill.