We offer services from art, music, to game making.

Game Development

We can create games for your needs, from PC game to mobile game.

Shape it Up

Armor AcademyShape it Up!, a game from the collaboration between Toge Productions, Amagine Interactive, and Mojiken Studio.

Combo Rush

Combo Rush is an action puzzle RPG game with a unique gameplay. Available on Google Play.

Poppo Rush

Official mobile game of Popcon Asia in collaboration with Toge Productions. Fly as far as you can with Poppo, avoid the deadly balloon and collect all the coins.

Art Production

We provide art services for your game development needs, from illustration, character design, to game assets.

Concept Art – Coffee Talk

Character Design – Infectonator


Animated Pixel Art

Game Assets


32 x 32 px | 64 x 64 px | 128 x 128 px

Low Poly 3D

Music and SFX

We composed music for our games. If you like our game soundtrack and you are interested to have us composed the music for your game, we are here to do the job. Check out our game soundtrack portfolio on out YouTube channel.

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