Toge Productions, an indie game developing and publishing studio based in Tangerang, Indonesia, creator of Coffee Talk, announced the Toge Game Fund Initiative (TGFI) earlier this year.

The TGFI program is a prototype fund that provides a funding of up to USD$10,000 to help indie developers and studios within Southeast Asia turn their game ideas into a playable MVP prototype or a vertical slice with no-strings-attached, developers retain ownership of their IPs and do not have to pay back the funds.The program is intended to give Southeast Asian game developers a safety net to experiment and validate their ideas which otherwise would be too costly and risky to do so.

With the launch of this program, Toge Productions hopes to encourage indie game developers and studios to take the leap and experiment more with their ideas. “We want to bring more Southeast Asian developers to the center stage and give them a fighting chance,” said Kris Antoni, CEO and Founder of Toge Productions.

At this moment, a total of six projects have been chosen and are currently undergoing the TGFI program which not only gives funding but also mentorship from veteran members of Toge Productions.


“Project Darma” by Anoman Studio, Indonesia

A fast-paced action game about a hitman’s vengeance quest to kill the gangster leaders in modern Indonesia

Project Darma by Anoman Studio, Indonesia

“Ngopi Yuk!” by Uniqx Studio, Indonesia

Based on the Webtoon comic “Ngopi, Yuk!”. This game tells a story about a traditional coffee shop in Indonesia, specifically in Pontianak, West Borneo. What makes it unique is that there are hundreds of coffee shops that are always filled with many people and various generations.

Ngopi, Yuk! by Uniqx Studio, Indonesia

“Project Descent” by Kotakoren Games, Malaysia

A real-time tactics strategy game set in a fantasy SEA-inspired world. Manage your warriors and achieve victories in battle!

Project Descent by Kotakoren Games, Malaysia

“Project Angkara” by Trimatra Interactive, Indonesia

A Hexen-inspired retro FPS set in a dark fantasy Southeast Asian mythology where you try to stop the never ending cycle of life and death using the power of time.

Project Angkara by Trimatra Interactive, Indonesia

“Secret Life of Dorian Pink” by AmberLimShin, Malaysia

Secret Life of Dorian Pink is a narrative RPG where you try to save your boyfriend Basil from Hell by making questionable choices, gaining allies, and making doughnuts explode.

Secret Life of Dorian Pink by AmberLimShin, Malaysia

“Sunset Satellite” by Twilight Foundry Games, Malaysia

Sunset Satellite is an atmospheric emotional 3D interactive fiction that talks about growth and acceptance.

Sunset Satellite by Twilight Foundry Games, Malaysia

The Toge Game Fund Initiative is still accepting submissions! All information can be found on For more information, contact us at