Celebrate Toge Productions’ 15th anniversary with Moses & Plato – Last Train To Clawville, TEST TEST TEST, tons of sales, and more exciting announcements.

Ready your tickets and climb aboard the Toge Express! Toge Productions Anniversary Event is back in full steam, and you’re all invited. Toge Productions is celebrating its 15th anniversary on January 17, 2024. To share the joy, we have so many things to announce, so ride with us and enjoy the journey until the final station.

Toge Productions 15th Anniversary Direct and Game Sales

After the success of our special announcement video last year, we want to make an even more special and heartfelt one. Toge Productions 15th Anniversary Direct will be back on January 17, 2024, at 10:00 AM PST / January 18, 2024, at 1:00 AM WIB, when we will unravel a mystery that is going on at the Toge Productions office, where a crew is found lying motionless on the floor. Follow our investigation and discover who caused this troublesome situation, along with numerous announcements (that are basically in this release)!

We will also have a Steam Publisher Sale with up to 90% off from January 17 to 24, 2024. Our games on other platforms will have huge sales as well at the same time.

Moses & Plato – Last Train To Clawville

Toge Productions is proud to announce that we are pawblishing a new game titled Moses & Plato – Last Train To Clawville. Check out its announcement trailer above! Also, its Steam Page is now live.

Moses & Plato – Last Train To Clawville is a story-rich investigative adventure where you join detective duo Moses Wildflower and Plato Manuel Palladias in a high-stake investigation on a moving train, as a high-ranked ambassador is killed and you are accused of mauling him. Interrogate all suspects, sniff out clues, use your animal instincts, and solve the case before the train arrives at its final destination.

Moses & Plato is a part of the World of Wilderness, a universe created by The Wild Gentlemen where intelligent anthropomorphic creatures roam the land, including the critically acclaimed Chicken Police – Paint It Red!, Zipp’s Cafe, and the upcoming Chicken Police – Into the Hive!.

For more information and assets, check out the PRESS KIT!


Mojiken Studio, the team behind The Game Awards-nominated A Space for the Unbound, is releasing their game called TEST TEST TEST on Steam for free. TEST TEST TEST is a game created from Mojiken Camp, Mojiken Studio’s internal game jam, and has garnered many positive engagements.

It’s a departure from the heartfelt and emotional experience of A Space for the Unbound, where in TEST TEST TEST, you will bring your brain to the… test. It is a retro pixel-art point-and-click puzzle adventure where you must escape a time loop as an overworked office employee. Find clues, gather information, and solve cryptic puzzles with alternate reality game elements.

Mojiken Studio was acquired by Toge Productions late last year, and they are more eager than ever to create further creative experiences.

For more information and assets, check out the PRESS KIT!

More Announcements

Whisper Mountain Outbreak, our highly anticipated multiplayer survival game, is having a limited-time demo again on Steam. We also have a new teaser video for Kriegsfront Tactics, a mecha tactics game set in an alternate 1980s Southeast Asia, which will show you our development progress on the game.

Meanwhile, from the merchandise department, we have two exciting announcements to make:

  • A pre-order campaign for Freya plush keychain on Makeship, which is available from January 17 to February 17, 2024.
  • Another pre-order campaign on a variety of our merch on Serenity Forge, from t-shirts, hoodies, shaker key chains, stickers, and posters, available from January 17, 2024.

Freya plush keychain on Makeship.

Toge Productions merchandise on Serenity Forge.

Toge Game Fund Initiative

We would like to congratulate the studios whose games have graduated from our TGFI program, they are High School Overdrive from Studio Tubanar (Brunei Darussalam) and Project Descent from Kotakoren (Malaysia). We also want to welcome some fresh games that have been inducted into the program, they are Burnt Out Capital from Kindling Interactive (Malaysia), Project Mansion from Pendopo Studio (Indonesia), Project Sekuter from MyHand Studio (Indonesia), Project Helix from Helix Interactive (Indonesia), and Chef’s Shift from Panitia Gamedev (Indonesia).


About Toge Productions

Developer of the critically acclaimed Coffee Talk series, Toge Productions is an Indonesian-based indie game development and publishing studio that helped to foster the success of projects like Mojiken Studio’s A Space For The Unbound. Toge supports Toge Game Fund Initiative (TGFI), a mentoring and funding program that provides up to $10,000 (USD) to help developers in Southeast Asia make their games a reality.

About The Wild Gentlemen

The Wild Gentlemen are a 23-strong team of professional veterans and talented newcomers whose first game – Chicken Police – Paint it RED! – was a huge critical success. The team creates in a variety of genres and moods, but their priority is always to produce games of artistic merit and the highest possible quality.

About Mojiken Studio

Mojiken Studio is an indie game development studio based in Surabaya, Indonesia, established in 2013 and acquired by Toge Productions in 2023. It is known for bringing heartfelt and genuine storytelling experiences. The studio’s most prominent game is the award-winning and The Game Award nominee A Space for the Unbound.

Media Contact
Arya W. Wibowo – PR & Communications Manager