Indonesia-based game developer Toge Productions has announced the acquisition of Tahoe Games, an indie game studio located in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. Toge Productions was first founded in 2011, well known for their zombie survival series Infectonator and barista simulation game Coffee Talk. Tahoe Games is well known for the release of their hell-raising Rising Hell.

“We have a vision of helping more SouthEast Asian game developers reach the global stage. This acquisition is one of the many ways we hope to achieve this goal,” says Kris Antoni, CEO and co-founder of Toge Productions. “We’ve worked extensively with the team at Tahoe Games on Rising Hell and have a great relationship with them already. We’re very thrilled to have such talented developers join us at Toge Productions.”

Although Toge Productions previously invested minority stakes at Mojiken Studio in Surabaya and Gamechanger Studio in Tangerang, the acquisition of Tahoe Games marks the first time Toge Productions has acquired a fellow game dev company. With this acquisition, Toge Productions hopes to increase the total production of original IPs developed by the Toge Productions brand. In addition to having outreach to developers who are not located in the capital city of Indonesia, Toge Productions aims to increase job opportunities for people in developing locations as well as encourage the further development of Indonesia’s game industry.

“The acquisition between Toge Productions and Tahoe Games is a mutually beneficial relationship. We agreed to this offer because of the same goals we have together to further educate and provide opportunities for underrepresented talents who don’t always have the same opportunities to the people who live in major cities or outside the country,” says Robertus R. Haris, co-founder of Tahoe Games. “With this acquisition, we hope that studios in Kediri will be even bigger and be able to provide all the talent in Kediri and the areas surrounding it.”

Going forward, the team at Tahoe Games has officially joined with the team at Toge Productions. The team has become Toge Productions’ official branch in Kediri while keeping their name as “Tahoe Games”. Tahoe Games’ original IP rights to Rising Hell will also be held by Toge Productions going forward. Toge Productions aims that with this acquisition, they are able to continue to assist indie game developers from less privileged backgrounds to reach the international stage and showcase the immense creativity that they have.