Since the end of 2016, Toge Productions have an annual event that we do to refresh our minds, explore new ideas, do experiments, and perhaps find something that we will passionately able to consider as our next game. The event is Toge Jam, an internal game jam joined by everyone in the studio, including those whose not in the production team.

In December 2017, we were still in the midst of Infectonator 3 final phase of development. All the contents of the game are ready, and most of the things the team does is waiting for the QA to test and submit bug reports. So, to fill our time and restore the team from the fatigue of working in one game for over one and a half year, we did the second game jam.

Baiten | Walk Animation

The jam last for two weeks, with the first week spent to experiment with anything as crazy as the team likes, and continue to the second week where the outcome of the jam has to be playable. In the end, four prototypes were born from the game jam, and will become the foundation of the next games we will be working on.

Below are the four prototypes available for you to download and play. Do give them a try and tell us which one you like the most. Any feedback is appreciated.

BattlePan’s Odyssey

Battlepan Odyssey

BattlePan’s Odyssey is a journey of a young cook from a heroes guild. He started his journey when The Grand Chef of the guild got sick, and he is next on the line to replace him as the next Grand Chef. In this Action-RPG, procedurally-generated dungeon-crawling, hack ‘n slash game, you must explore the world to fulfill his quest, and you have to cook a dish before entering new area or dungeon.

Download here

Kepo Kepo Detective Club

Kepo Kepo Detective Club

Join the thrilling investigation of mysterious cases that happened at school with Justin Tyme from Kepo Kepo Detective Club!

  • Explore the school area
  • Interrogate every single witness you meet
  • Find evidence to unlock more clues
  • Gather up clues and find the culprit

Kepo-Kepo Detective Club is a game that will test your deductive reasoning skills. At the moment we only have one case to solve, with your support and feedback, we might expand this in the future with more cases.

Download here

Project Baiten


Play as a shopkeeper on a ship. Stock items on display for the customers to grab. When they are ready to purchase, go to the cashier to start the transaction. Your goal is to get the max profit for each item sold. Beware that if the price is too high, the customers may cancel the transaction and leave. At the start of each day, you can gather new items to restock your inventory.

Download here

Project Green Tea Latte

Green Tea Latte

Project Green Tea Latte is a game that focuses on narrative and interaction between an owner and barista of a cafe with the visitors. Set in a modern world where human, elf, orc, and other fantasy races live their daily life, the game aims to tell stories not unlike the stories of people around us while breaking the traditional norm of fantasy fiction.

Download here